When your thinking of a Intruder Alarm system there are several things to consider and it can seem quite a mind field so here is some things to consider when considering, designing and then implementing your project.

There are many Intruder Alarm systems out there on the market and great care should be taken when making your purchase, below are some helpful Tips and points to bear in mind.

When looking at buying a Intruder Alarm system should you go to any of the DIY stores offering a package or more often done nowadays do you buy from the internet? The answer is very simple, NO!

Intruder Alarm systems are Graded 1,2,3,4 – DIY systems are not graded plus you don’t have any after care support should it be needed not to mention you would then have to find a professional to install and commission it for you and in many cases this could end up costing you more money.

So if your are on the path to choosing a professional company to supply and Install your system always ask the following questions:

Will I own the equipment? Some companies may offer you a rental scheme, not too bad just do the yearly figures in comparison with an all out owned system with or without a maintenance contract.

Do I have to have a contract with you and for how long? Most companies including us will offer you a 12 month contract as standard. HOWEVER, there are Blue Chip players (we will not name them) that will offer you installed systems for next to nothing or even supply and install for FREE yes for FREE but they will insist on monitoring the system and also lock you into a 24 month or 36 month contract so please be forewarned. For example you may get a system installed for £99.00 however the company then charge you £24.99 for the next 3 years TOTAL £899.64 + VAT, plus the annual Maintenance contract charge.

Is the system your using ‘universal’ or ‘closed protocol? The Alarm Surgery and the majority of companies use a ‘Universal’ system. Simply put a professional would know and have the means to be able to do what we term in the industry as a system takeover from a previous company with little expense to you the customer. HOWEVER, if the previous company was one who either used a closed protocol system or ‘locked’ the engineers code then the only options you have is to have the existing company unlock the engineers code facility or to input a default code for you to hand on to your new company or you will need to replace the control equipment either way there will be a cost to you the customer.

Wired or Wireless systems? Nowadays you can get both and manufactures even do what is known as a Hybrid panel. The Alarm Surgery will always use the TEXECOM range where possible as it delivers the best results for you, it is Universal, flexible and has fantastic tech and after care support plus its graded so its an all round winner in our book.

When looking at a totally wireless system just make sure you have an indepth survey done as we have seen many systems installed where the detection device or environment is not right for the location.

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