Alarm Services

Intruder alarm systems, or burglar alarms as they are often known, make intruders think twice. They not only act as a deterrent but will provide a warning that an intrusion is taking place either directly to you or a keyholder you designate or the general passers-by.

‘Bells-only’ or audible alarms are manly utilized in the domestic / residential sector although they can be put into any type of application just rarely suitable for commercial premises and will not provide an automatic police response; the police will only act if you are under contract with a valid monitoring station with a URN (Unique Reference Number assigned)

All alarms have triggers and are typically activated when an electrical circuit has been broken or motion is detected.

Alarms connected to a monitoring service whether that be directly to a monitoring station are in many cases nowadays directly to your mobile phone are the most effective and are usually a requirement of insurance companies providing cover.

But here at The Alarm Surgery we will directly work with you to find a tailored plain to suite your budget and your requirements … REMEMBER YOUR IN CONTROL NOT US!