Lighting Security

Security Lighting has been around for years and is a well embedded element of premises security from the home to commercial properties.

When choosing a light what should you look for, well its quite simple – chose a light that is LED based, these use less energy are good for the environment and your wallet too.

Use a LED security light that has inbuilt motion detection as these will make it a hassle-free element. For example, once it has been installed it just sits there quietly doing its job, there is no need to remember to go and turn the security light on before leaving the house plus depending where it is located it could also double up as a night light for when your unlocking your front door, as you approach your front door the light activates guiding you along the path or up the stairs right to your front door this enables you to have light to use your key to unlock your door.

If you’re thinking of adding Security Lighting to your home or business premises, please give us a call today.