When you’re thinking of a CCTV system there are several things to consider and it can seem quite a minefield so here is some things to consider when thinking, designing and then implementing your project.

Cameras, of course a CCTV system requires them, so when deciding on all your cameras simply think where you want them positioned then step back and assess. Can I get everything I want from one camera or do I really need multiple cameras?

To use one of our analogies, when you’re assessing for security cameras the image should be telling you a story, for example:

You want to cover the car, so you have a camera looking at the car however when you look at the image a lot of the image is of the surrounding area, the neighbours house the road or your garden, these bits are all in fact just secondary elements the car should be in the forefront of the image.

How many cameras do I need? Professional CCTV systems use a recorder known as a DVR (Digital Video recorder) it has a hard drive connected inside it just like your PC does. The DVR can accommodate the following quantities of cameras – 4,8,16 or 32.

Ask yourself if I needed can I expand on the system?

In our professional opinion one of the most important parts is the infrastructure or put simply the ‘WIRING’ at The Alarm Surgery. We will always use a Cat5E infrastructure this means we would utilise Cat5E (Cat5 ‘E’ External grade cable) on the complete installation and this is why if you use Cat5E you can have a standard setup however as technology moves forward you may wish to upgrade your system to a IP system and therefore this type of cabling would need to be installed.

At The Alarm Surgery we class this as future proofing your system from the start!

The Alarm Surgery will make sure everything has been covered if you’re unsure about some aspect of the design / quote or there is something you forget to ask please feel free to pick up the phone or send us an email, its really no trouble.

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